Turkish Citizenship Program
Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program
invest $400,000
Become a Turkish citizen

Citizenship Program

Thanks to the foreign investor program launched by the Government of the Republic of Turkey, foreigners who invest $400,000 in real estate in Turkey, or foreigners who establish/purchase a company with $500,000 in capital, or $500,000 in state investment vehicles or state banks operating in Turkey for three years. It gives Turkish Citizenship to foreigners who deposit it.

In addition, as of 19.09.2018, foreigners who have employed at least 50 Turkish citizens and will continue to create employment will be given the right to Turkish citizenship together with their families.
If you buy real estate in Turkey worth at least 400,000 USD, you will receive Turkish citizenship, and in this case, your spouse and children under 18 will also acquire citizenship. There is no expiration date for citizenship.

Ways to gain Turkish Citizenship by Investing

Real estate purchase 400,000 USD
fixed capital investment 500,000 USD
buy government bonds 500,000 USD
employment investment Employment of at least 50 people
Private pension system investment 500.000 USD

Stages of obtaining citizenship with real estate:

Obtaining a tax number
Opening a bank account
Finding housing
Acquisition of the house (exp.report)
Obtaining a certificate of conformity?
Residence permit application
Citizenship application: Investors who have obtained investment eligibility certificate and short-term residence permit should apply to the offices of the Migration Administration in Istanbul and Ankara, together with the documents required for application.

Tax number from the tax office. It's free and a copy of your passport is sufficient.
Bank account - Passport (Most banks require notarized passport translation)
- Tax number,
- Address statement. (For the address statement, your residence permit document or an invoice registered in your name is accepted.)
Finding Housing Megapol Homes
Housing Purchase Megapol Homes
Certificate of conformity
Residence permit application

Citizenship application

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?
First, you must purchase real estate worth $400,000. Our expert real estate consultants will help you find the home that will meet your needs and expectations. There are thousands of real estate listings on our listing pages.
After the purchase, an application is made to the Land Registry and Cadastre Office for your citizenship application procedures. After the application, your appraisal report and bank transfer information are checked at these offices. The application process is usually approved between 3 and 7 days.
After the title deed approval, we apply to the Immigration Office. After the title deed application, all transactions are followed in private offices dealing with citizenship affairs in Ankara and Istanbul. All transactions are concluded between 2 and 6 months.

How to Apply for Citizenship of Turkey by Investment?
Documents Required for Application for Turkish Citizenship by Investment
1. Application form
2. Valid passport
3. 4 biometric photos for each family member
4. Birth certificate
5. Residence permit or tourist visa
6. Documents proving your relationship with your spouse and children, if any (marriage certificate and birth certificate)
7. If available, a copy of the Republic of Turkey ID card and the address of the applicant's relatives in Turkey
8. Application tax payment receipt
9. Appraisal report
10. Bank receipt showing that at least USD 400,000 has been paid
11. Deed or notarized property purchase commitment document